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Greens With Attitude

Amaranth Sprouting - Red Garnet

Flavor profile: Earthy, reminiscent of a beet with a sweet grassy finish.

Anise Hyssop

Flavor profile:  Sweet through and through with aromatics of licorice and mint.


Flavor profile: Herbacious peppery green with nuances of nuts and mustards.

Basil - Italian Large Leaf

Flavor profile: An initial subtle pepperiness  with a bold sweet aromatic finish.

Basil - Thai

Flavor profile: Sweet  anise with a subtle peppery mint finish.

Broccoli Raab - Spring Rapini

Flavor profile:  A clean yellow mustard with a hint of nuttiness.

Broccoli - Calabrese Green

Flavor profile:  Earthy mustard with a slight bitterness.  

Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

Flavor profile: Sweet and earthy with a grassy finish.

Celery - Cutting

Flavor profile: A more intense celery  than its adult counterpart, finished with a pleasingly bitter, clean, and peppery explosion.  

Chives - Garlic

Flavor profile: A fresh garlic with a spicy pepper, grassy note.

Cilantro - Slow Bolt

Flavor profile:  Sweet, bright citrus aromatics with a clean, bold, cilantro.  Finished with forward notes of pepper and fresh cut grass.  

Corn - Popcorn - Yellow

Flavor profile: A sweet corn flavor much more intense than its adult counterpart with an a very slight hint of anise.

Fennel - Florence

Flavor profile:  A bold sweetness with light aromatics of lemon and black licorice. 

Lettuce - Salad Bowl Red

Flavor profile:  Sweet and succulent.

Mustard - Cho Kara

Flavor profile:  One of the hottest mustard microgreens that we cultivate. It is slightly bitter, earthy and exploding with a horseradish bite.

Special order only.

Mustard - Jeok Gat

Flavor profile:  A beautifully balanced Asian mustard with nuances of horseradish.

Special order only.

Mustard - Miz America

Flavor profile:  A beautifully balanced, not to bitter or spicy, mild peppery brown mustard.

Mustard - Red Giant

Flavor profile: A peppery dijon with nuances of horseradish.

Special order only.

Mustard - Scarlet Frills

Flavor profile: Balanced horseradish and spicy brown mustard. 

Mustard - Wasabi

Flavor profile: Sharp and peppery, very similar to horseradish.

Special order only.

Nasturtium - Jewel Mix

Flavor profile: Pungent and peppery.

Onion - Sprouting

Flavor profile: A bold onion flavor.

Pak Choi - Purple Magic

Flavor profile: A mild cabbage with nuances of pepper.


 Flavor profile: A mild parsley. 

Pea - Feisty Garnish

Flavor profile: Snappy, sweet and mildly earthy. 

Pea - Speckled

Flavor profile: Crisp, earthy and mildly sweet.  

Perilla - Red AKA Shiso

Flavor profile: Very complex (purple mint) with nuances of cumin, cinnamon, citrus, basil and anise.

Radish - Daikon

Flavor profile:  A forwardly spicy radish with no bitterness.

Radish - Rambo

Flavor profile: A well balanced mildly spicy radish.

Salad Burnet

Flavor profile:  A clean cool cucumber.

Special order only.